About Us

The Ro-El Story


RO-EL delivers the highest quality items
showcasing your brand – at every price point.
More than 65 years of success

You’ve certainly experienced the frustration and uncertainty of shopping for a new car, a TV or a computer. Prices vary wildly, as do quality, performance, support… It can be a nightmare to choose between two products. Hopefully, RO-EL saves you this trouble. No need pulling your hair out trying to figure out which is the best product: we’ve already done it for you.
Whether it’s travel accessories, stationery, travel bags, briefcases or umbrellas, our designers have worked extensively to create the very best products at every price range. When choosing any RO-EL item, you can expect the highest possible value for your budget.
For three generations, we’ve built the RO-EL name over this philosophy: the very best quality, at the very best price – at every price point. There is no shortcut to this expertise, passed down from grandfather to father to sons. We know what to expect and how to anticipate – preventing anything from getting in the way of our customers’ complete satisfaction.
Yet after more than 65 years of success, we never lose sight of the only prevailing truth – that we earn our reputation one order at a time.